Keith Yrisarri Stateson

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Author Bio

Fascinated with science, I majored in chemistry and conducted research in analytical chemistry and biochemistry; supervised general, organic, and inorganic chemistry laboratory courses; and enlisted in the US Army as a chemical officer. With a desire to learn more about innovation, I studied intellectual property law. After serving in the military, I returned to school to study music, creative writing, and business. Though once trained to synthesize and analyze the elemental building blocks of life, I now experiment with elements to create literature and music that reflect the challenges and difficulties I have had to endure.


There was a time when reading, writing, and grammar were my archenemies. While in grade school, I repeated first grade, and was placed in speech therapy and remedial English classes in middle school and high school. Realizing my strength was anything other than reading or writing, I obtained a degree in chemistry. I believed chemistry was my calling. Yet things mixed differently than the way I imagined.


One day I met an old man, whom I neither knew nor saw again. He said: “I see your hand writing. You’re going to be a writer. I see music all over you.” However, none of this made any sense. After giving it thought, I decided to practice creative writing and a new realm opened. Little by little I began to grow. As time went by, there were moments I wanted to give up. Adversity was squeezing me on every side, crushing my hope. Yet pressing onward, each challenge helped me progress forward. Then, under unlikely and yet ideal conditions, a transformation yielded an endless journey to discover.

Artist Bio

Keith, alias Sing Fighter, is also an artist of music.